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Coastal Film Lab

Film Workflow Organizer Holder for Film Labs

Film Workflow Organizer Holder for Film Labs

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This Film Workflow Organizer is the ideal solution for film labs looking to organize their rolls through the check-in process and on to the developing stage. We designed these holders to fit 25 rolls in five neat rows of five. This compact size enables flexible placement of the holders. Additional workflow enhancing features include indexing posts for securely seating multiple holders on top of each other.

These holders are produced in the USA from ABS plastic. They are incredibly strong and will survive repeated drops. Many colors are available - we suggest ordering a different color for each chemical process your lab offers. If you would like a color not offered, just ask, we can make these in almost any color through special order.

TLDR Features

  • Holds 25 rolls in 5x5 configuration
  • Organizers nest on top of each other
  • Durable construction in a variety of colors

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