Film Camera Repair

Our services include basic or detailed cleaning, light seal and bellows replacement, custom leatherette replacement, rangefinder and critical focus adjustments, shutter speed adjustments, unjamming, and full CLA's of your camera.

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Lens Repair

We provide external and internal cleaning, fungus removal, haze removal, oil removal, focus adjustments, and shutter service.

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Digital Camera Repair

  • We mainly specialize in sensor cleanings with a 7 Business day turn-around time.
  • We also offer screen replacements and other module replacements.
  • Some module replacements may require a donor camera.
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  • Diagnostics Fee

    • The diagnostic fee is a non-refundable fee that contributes towards the final repair cost.
    • Upon payment of the repair invoice, the customer signifies approval of the additional repair services.
  • Repair Warranty

    All repairs come with a 180-day limited warranty. This warranty only includes repairs tied to the service provided by Coastal Film Lab. To file a claim, the user needs to inform Coastal Film Lab of the issue within the Warranty Period.

  • Pick-up

    Upon notification, customers have 180 days to pick up their camera or lens. Failure to do so will result in relinquishing ownership of the equipment. If unable to pick up within the timeline, we offer shipping services.

  • Drop-Off Or Shipping

    The customer is responsible for shipping or dropping your camera and or lens to us.

  • Serviceability

    We may advise the customer that their equipment is Beyond Economical Repair.

  • Return Shipping

    For online orders, the return shipping is included in the Diagnostics Fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take so long?

Sadly, camera repairmen are as rare as a unicorn riding a skateboard. We are doing our best to keep up with demand by training the new generation of camera technicians.

I'm in a hurry and need my gear back ASAP!

First of all, this is not a question.

There is a rush option available to skip the diagnostics queue. However, immediate fixability and the cost to repair may vary depending on the issue.

Can you fix my camera?

Generally, repairs are possible, but we need to check with a diagnostic first.

How will you contact me?

We like texting for communication, but email is totally fine too if that's your preference.

How cool is Alex?

Well, if its broken he will fix it. He does this partially by designing and manufacturing replacement parts.