Premium Film Processing

Our premium service is for discerning photographers who want to have the highest quality film scans with the least amount post editing work. Premium is the best option if you are a busy creative who wants to spend less time in front of a computer and more time taking photos. Discerning premium customers may also book a personalized color consultation appointment to dial in their exact color preferences, so each order you send closely matches your preferred style.

  • Post Processing

    + Frame by frame manual color correction in photoshop for ready to share, print, or deliver files.

    + Consistency across entire photoshoots based on your Client Profile.
    + Manual dust and scratch correction are also included.

  • Scanning & Handling

    + XL Resolution Scans on Noritsu or Frontier Scanners

    + Archival Cut and Sleeve of Negatives

    + Custom File Naming

    + Film Organization and 1 year of scan storage

  • Client Profile

    By meeting with our editing professionals, we can coordinate your preferences for color, contrast, and even file naming conventions to fit in seamlessly to your post production and delivery workflows.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What file size will I be getting?

How do I get my film to you?

  • If residing in the Tampa Bay Area, feel free to drop off your film at our Tampa location in person or through the drop box located in the back parking lot.
  • When mailing your film, make use of a box or bubble mailer (envelopes should be avoided) and send it to: 1704 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33602
  • Ensure to include your name and order number with your film.

How do you deliver my photos?

We will upload your pictures to Google Drive and provide you with a link via email to an order folder containing your film rolls.

Download your photos in a timely manner as we will remove them from Google Drive after 1 year.