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Vue-All Archival Safe-T-Binder Film Storage Box

Vue-All Archival Safe-T-Binder Film Storage Box

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The black Archival Safe-T-Binder with 1" O-Ring from Vue-All is an archival quality storage binder with three 1" O-rings. The binder accommodates 9.8 x 11.75" pages that hold prints, slide, negatives, or CDs. At the same time, the binder is made of a durable polypropylene with a textured finish on the cover. The binder closes with two flexible hinge snap locks that seal it and makes it dust and moisture resistant.

Key Features
  • Archival Quality Storage Black Binder
  • 3-Ring, 1" O-Rings
  • Flexible Hinge Snap Locks
  • Textured Finish Polypropylene Cover
  • Dust and Moisture Resistant
  • Designed for Pages up to 9.8 x 11.75"
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