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Coastal Film Lab

Nebraska 500T ECN-2 35mm Film + Developing & Scans

Nebraska 500T ECN-2 35mm Film + Developing & Scans

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This film is our house branded fresh Kodak Vision 3 500t Tungsten Balanced ECN-2 Cinema film. This film is balanced for artificial lighting and is most commonly used indoors.

Why use this over the (very similar) Cinestill 800t? Well, a few reasons! First, there is no halation effect, second, dynamic range is a bit better, and third colors are much better, all thanks to using the correct ECN2 process chemistry!

After a few months of careful testing we are happy to offer this for immediate use.

See example pictures for our fresh off-the-scanner results!

What's included?

  • 1 Roll of Nebraska 500T.
  • 1 ECN2 Develop and Scan Service.

If you are mailing in or leaving your roll in the drop-box for development, please include your initial order number and or your name and phone number with your roll.

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