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MiNT InstantFlex TL70 Plus Instax Square Instant Film TLR Camera

MiNT InstantFlex TL70 Plus Instax Square Instant Film TLR Camera

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InstantFlex TL70 Plus - The best way to shoot instax square film, hands down!
The Ultimate Twin Lens Experience For First-timers and Pros+

Completely new and improved design approach
A supercharged instant camera with twin lenses
Better design starts at the drawing board, TL70 Plus was designed by a new team with a fresh design philosophy, led by MiNT's head artisan. The result is an innovative, intuitive camera that works beautifully. Every detail has been crafted from scratch to meet your needs. You'll feel the difference immediately when you hold it in your hands.

Day +Night.

Designed to be versatile. Shoot anytime, anywhere.

The InstantFlex TL70 Plus camera is designed to be versatile, allowing you to capture stunning photos in a variety of lighting conditions. With manual control over both shutter speed and aperture, you can adjust your settings to get the perfect shot no matter the time of day.

Auto +Manual.

Plus an accurate light meter to match your shooting style Minus the guesswork

Auto Mode with a built-in light meter carefully tuned for instant film. Manual Mode to suit every photographer’s unique style and taste. Now with a powerful OLED that displays the exposure range from -5 to +5, the exact exposure time, and more.

+ Control the light - with 14 shutter speeds

+ Control the depth - with 6 aperture selections

+ Control the flash - with built-in flash

+ Control the length - with B/T mode for long exposures

Packed with powerful features, InstantFlex TL70 Plus is guaranteed to amaze first-timers and TL70 fans alike, making it effortless to capture stunning images! With aperture and shutter speed control, a new OLED display, built-in flash, long exposure, and a shallow depth of field in the square film format, this camera takes instant photography to the next level.

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