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Fujifilm Frontier SP3000 MFC Film Carrier Mask - 6x6

Fujifilm Frontier SP3000 MFC Film Carrier Mask - 6x6

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Presenting our in house produced Fujifilm Sp3000 6x6 Mask for the MFC Film Carrier. This is a direct replacement for the hard to come by and extremely expensive 6x6 mask, with a 3d printed clamping mechanism and a laser cut steel base for level, flat field, consistently in focus scans every time. We have been using this in house for all of our 6x6 scans and it is working well.

As an added bonus, unlike the original, this carrier is designed to be able to be loaded without removing the carrier, a huge time saver when scanning cut pieces of film.

This product is made to order with a 2 week lead time as of 2-16-22.

Construction Info:
FMD printed PLA pressure plate and transfer arm. We advise not exposing it to temperatures in excess of 110° Fahrenheit. Base plate is made from laser cut steel.

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