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Flashpoint R2 Pro 2.4GHz Transmitter for Canon (XPro-C)

Flashpoint R2 Pro 2.4GHz Transmitter for Canon (XPro-C)

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The Flashpoint R2 Pro C wireless flash trigger is the ultimate dedicated light master for The R2 Family of Flash - The absolute command center for Canon EOS cameras to control all Flashpoint R2 wireless system devices. Now, R2 Canon photographers can enjoy unparalleled flexibility and control over multiflash strobist setups, right from their DSLR. Touting features such as a large and brilliant backlit dot matrix LCD screen, displaying all 5 Groups simultaneously, with direct access buttons. The on-camera transmitter gives photographer, power to direct the entire R2 Family: Zoom and Streaklight speedlights, Lithium battery powered eVOLV strobes and XPLOR monolights, and AC Rapid studio monolights.

Boasting sparkling innovations that make the art of photography easier than ever at the touch of a button. Like the essential TTL tool, TCM. TCM fusion takes TTL to a new level, overcoming the exposure fluctuations that may occur in TTL shooting by saving the successful exposure value to Manual settings for repeat capture accuracy. And, advantages like extended multiple Group triggering, selective transmission of exposure values, to conserve energy on the R2 Pro C while shooting, exceptionally stable signal broadcast, and direct Group access. Even the remote flash coverage of Zoom speedlights can be tweaked right from the transmitter. More than all this, the R2 Pro C provides Second Curtain Sync, HSS (high speed synchronization), and remote modeling light status. It can even sync with Canon original Speedlights under the control of a Flashpoint R2-C receiver.

The incredible range of these compact and lightweight units as well as their integrated functions and features make them the first choice of professional photographers. The 2.4GHz R2 Radio Remote System radio triggers transmits atop a Canon EOS body with laser AF assist and works with the complete family of Flashpoint Speedlights, Monolights and Strobe lights with R2 TTL radio transceiver built right in.

The R2 Pro C is the natural choice for heading up the Family of R2 Wireless Remote.

Flashpoint R2 Remote Features

  • The absolute R2 Family remote transmitter light master for Canon EOS cameras
  • Handles multiple R2 receiver flashes in up to 16 Groups
  • On command conversion of TTL settings to Manual values (TCM) guarantees repeated exposure accuracy
  • Full graphic display of 5 Groups simultaneously
  • Manual flash 1/1 - 1/256 power
  • HSS (High Speed Sync) up to 1/8000 (depending on camera)
  • Modeling light status control
  • Stroboscopic Multi flash
  • Selective transmission of data conserves energy and battery life
  • Magnification Function displays details of each Group settings
  • Global adjustments to exposure values for multi-group in M mode
  • Adjusts the flash Zoom coverage for each Group
  • Flash exposure compensation
  • FE lock
  • 11 Customizable Functions
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