Frequently Asked Questions

What service do I need?

  • Easy Develop & Scan: The straightforward process of turning your film rolls into pictures with the simplest checkout experience.
  • Pro Develop & Scan: If you’re a photography nerd like us, and want to get a bit more technical with your film. Like, pushing or pulling your film, having any scanner preferences, or shoot different film sizes. Pro Develop and Scan is what you're looking for.
  • Develop Only: if you don't want to deal with the stinky process of developing your film and are one of the lucky few to have a scanner at home. Our Develop Only service is what you need.

What are negatives?

Contrary to popular belief, negatives are not your bad pictures. They are the actual roll of film after development. Keep them for archival purposes and or troubleshooting camera issues.

How do I know which processing type to select?

The film canister displays processing type in small font: C-41, Black and White, ECN-2, or E-6.

How do I get my film to you?

  • If residing in the Tampa Bay Area, feel free to drop off your film at our Tampa location in person or through the drop box located in the back parking lot.
  • When mailing your film, make use of a box or bubble mailer (envelopes should be avoided) and send it to: 1704 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33602
  • Ensure to include your name and order number with your film.

How do you deliver my photos?

We will upload your pictures to Google Drive and provide you with a link via email to an order folder containing your film rolls.

Download your photos in a timely manner as we will remove them from Google Drive after 6 months.

How long will you keep my negatives?

You have 6 weeks to collect your negatives from our store. To request mail delivery, contact