Our high resolution color managed service. The goal with our premium scans is for you to spend as little additional time in front of the computer as possible. These should be close perfect straight out of the box if everything goes right on the capture end. 


The standard. Nothing "basic" about it.  Neutral, true to negative scans. Color + contrast correction done in scanner according to your preference.  Depending on shooting conditions and desired look, files may benefit from post work finishing.


Our high resolution contrast managed black and white service. This comes with manual dust spotting and curves layer adjustments to get contrast optimized for as close to out of the box readiness as possible. 


The standard. Nothing "basic" about it.  Neutral, true to negative scans. Contrast and Density correction done in scanner according to your preference. May need minor curves tweaks and dust spotting (Digital ICE dust correction doesn't work on B&W).




We are obsessed with quality. And tones. All the tones. To get the very best, we start with Kodak XTOL chemistry for black and white, and Kodak Flexicolor chemistry for C41. Our Developing stage is always run one shot for maximum tonal stability through our Phototherm Sidekick rotary processor. (No rollers to scratch the film) We use extended bleach and fix times in our processes to ensure long-term archival stability. 
 For premium, b&w, and medium format films, we scan on a Kodak HR500+ Film Scanner, which was Kodak's $80,000 premier scanning system built to compete with units  from Noritsu & Frontier. It's really worth seeing the scans out of this unit, they're pretty remarkable!
For 35mm C41 standard scans, we use a Kodak Pakon F135+ which is an amazing workhorse unit that puts out near perfect, true to film stock scans with little to no post processing needed. We are HUGE fans of both of these units. 

We're pretty confident you'll be a fan too. 

About our Kodak HR500+

 The scans out of this system are all kinds of incredible. Some advantages of the HR500+ include its incredibly low noise floor and high native sharpness. Scans from this machine are as true to the film stock as possible, without adding artifacts, digital noise, or sharpening algorithms. The files produced are neutral and have tons of latitude for post processing correction. Compared to similar units from Noritsu/Frontier, you can expect better highlight retention and a smoother tonal range, along with a much cleaner, artifact free file.