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Adox Color Mission 200 35mm Film

Adox Color Mission 200 35mm Film

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ADOX Color Mission 200 - a film with delicately vibrant minty greens, peachy reds, airy grain and a purpose at the core.

The name is intentional: those small 35mm rolls are on a big mission to give the analog community a beautiful product while investing into the future of film research and production, which is one of the most sophisticated challenges in the analog industry.

One batch of color film has been co-researched with and coated for ADOX by a company, which went bankrupt shortly after the first run.

Now, ADOX is starting a fully independent R&D for color film, which requires significant investments. The ADOX chemical production is financing the research of new photochemistry. The Polywarmtone emulsion is helping to advance the paper product development. Now, time has come to release Color Mission - those films coated a few years ago, kept in the cool house until this moment.

All the sales profits from this product will be going specifically to film research - not chemistry, not paper emulsion - film. Realistically, a new film is not coming next year - in four years, perhaps. The supply of Color Mission will be enough for this time, and possibly a bit longer.

The ADOX team is excited to be starting a journey to a completely new product for the analog community, while already making a unique color film available for their amazing supporters.

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