How to Send in Film!

Preparing Your Film to Ship 

Mailing in your film is the vital first step, so don't skimp out! We ask that you put the film and order form in ziploc style bag to help keep everything together and to protect from the elements. This is Florida after all!

From there, we recommend a putting into a box for shipping to keep the film extra safe. The USPS priority small flat rate boxes are perfect for this, and should fit 14-16 rolls of film. 
If you've placed an order with us before and received a box back, feel free to use that!

Alternatively, if you're tight on funds and the photos aren't mission critical, a bubble mailer and USPS first class will do fine, though we recommend an extra layer of bubble wrap to be safe. 


Dropping off

If you are in the area, please do feel free to drop off your film in person! All we ask is that you call/text ahead and let us know you'll be stopping by, and put the film and order form together in a bag so we don't lose track of whose film belongs to who!