Thanks to our Kodak HR500+ Scanning system, we are happy to be able to offer scanning of a variety of negative sizes including mounted slide with Digital ICE automatic dust correction at Library of Congress archival standards. To both Tampa Bay Area based clients, and clients based nationally and internationally. Our system is the only ever produced that can use dust correction on Kodachrome slide film, which saves you labor and cost intensive manual dust spotting. Whether for a large collection of historic import or just your favorite family memories, we can handle it with an eye for detail and timely turnaround.


Mounted Slide Archiving & Digitizing Service 

We use our Kodak HR500 primarily for very high quality archiving of mounted slides. Our system can handle all color positive films with automatic dust correction applied, including Kodachrome. We also can handle black and white positive transfers and originals. Slides are returned to their original boxes post scan, or can be organized into new plastic boxes or archival sleeves for an additional fee. Frames needing heavy cleaning prior to scanning may incur a slight upcharge. 

1940's Film Scan Recoveredweb.jpg
David Little AB022web.jpg

Cut film Archiving and Digitization

We additionally use our Kodak Scanning system for digitization of cut strips of negatives, both B&W and Color, and unmounted strips of slides. We can handle pretty much any negative up to 8x10, so please contact us if you're interested in scanning services you don't see offered below. 

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Photo Restoration & Print Archiving

We offer complete in house capture of any size reflective image (photographic print, document, or two dimensional artwork) along with restoration of these items. Large works are digitized using a high resolution camera setup at the necessary resolution to be reproduced at their current size, while smaller works are scanned. For restoration projects, we can facilitate working with a print lab to produce a re-print that fits the budget of your project and quality needs.