Photo by  Brandon Burridge

About US

Coastal Film Lab is the passion project of Stephen Zane, a Tampa, FL based photographer who got tired of Florida, and more specifically the Tampa Bay Area lacking good options for film photographers looking to get the most out of their medium. Coastal is above all else about that passion. It's a passion for medium, for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A passion for wide eyed learning, and a passion for fostering community. We’re located in Tampa, Florida, in the Seminole Heights neighborhood.
 We are here to help, regardless of if you just started, are getting back into film, or never stopped! 

In addition to film processing and scanning services, we also offer film cameras for sale through our partner My Camera Closet

The premier Film Lab in Florida, servicing Clients in Jacksonville, Gainesville, tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Miami, and throughout the southeast.